Royal Ostrich... gets thumbs up

Dr Stuti Wagle is a Dental Surgeon. Besides her profession, she is a food maniac who loves trying out different cuisine

After exploring for some time, my husband and I decided to try Royal Ostrich Thai Restaurant located at King’s Way for spicy Thai cuisine.

I had kept my expectations to the lowest to avoid disappointments. Thankfully, my experience was anything but disappointing. Right at the entrance, we were greeted by a picture of the King and Queen of Thailand and the welcoming smile of the servitor standing alongside which immediately had me thinking, ‘Okay, this is going to be good’.

He led us three stairs up to a simple yet clean room. The room was well air-conditioned and we could see but not hear the hustle and bustle outside thanks to the sound-proof glass. After we sat comfortably, we were explained by the attendant that ostrich was their speciality — we decided on an Ostrich Satay and Kong Sub Pang Tod (prawns) for appetisers.

The food arrived on our table in no time. The prawns arrived first, and they looked ravishing. Kong Sub Pang Tod did sound complex at first, but the appearance and the amazing taste eased all the complexes we had. The deeply fried prawn tempuras served along with Thai and chilli sauce, looked fresh and tasted amazing. They were cooked and presented with perfection which meant we devoured the dish with perfection, leaving no traces behind on the plates. Then came in the dark and delectable strips of grilled marinated ostrich with cucumber sauce and the same chilli sauce. The glazing satay came in four sticks and it took us only a few minutes to make the sticks naked. After finishing off the ostrich, we started relishing cucumber sauce and chilli sauce. The former had everything — a typical Thai food that had sweetness, sourness, freshness and rich spices. The latter tasted better with satay and prawns.

So happy with the starters, we didn’t save a minute to rest and asked for the menu for our next dish. Having tried, tasted and fallen in love with aquatic food in Pattaya, Thailand, we didn’t think twice before asking for Pla Nung Manaow (whole fish) for the main course. The way everything was managed in such a small place was praiseworthy. Every person was treated with similar hospitality and food which looked appealing.

Again, within promised time, Pla Nung Manaow arrived on our table and I must say the presentation was perfect. Unfortunately, the on-going fuel crisis meant the dish was served without continuous heat beneath the plate.

What we ordered was a skimmed white sniper with Thai spices. Whatever arrived on the table seemed far more interesting than its description. The sniper was dolled up with greens; lemon, garlic, coriander leaves and chillies. The aroma from the soup filled our noses so immensely that it was difficult to wait as our attendant filled our bowls while serving. The soup was exactly what I love eating— light, healthy, and delicious.

To end up things more sweetly, we ordered coffee which turned out to be a slight disappointment.

I have nothing less than appreciation for the entire staff of the Restaurant for the warm welcome and incredible food they served us. The place is well kept, the waiters are well behaved and the food, exquisite. Plus, they stick to their name; they make an ostrich-special Thai cuisine that is tantalising and their service is in every way, royal.


Ambience: 7.5

Food Quality: 8.5

Presentation: 8

Hygiene: 7.5

Value for Money: 7

Overall Satisfaction

Value: 8