Say bye to body odour

NEW DELHI: Monsoon days mean excessive perspiration and with that comes body odour. Using anti-fungal shampoo and applying extra virgin coconut oil to your skin help in decreasing body odour, says an expert.

Navin Taneja, director of the capital based National Skin Centre, has dolled out some tips on keeping body odour at bay this monsoon season.

• If you have body odour, it may be due to fungal growth. Anti-fungal shampoo, applied to the armpits while showering can work wonders against this problem.

• Reduce the odour through diet if possible by avoiding processed food or try to mask it (baking soda and cinnamon powder both work well for some people). Don’t stop vital bodily processes.

• Apply extra virgin coconut oil to your skin; the lauric acid in coconut oil kills bacteria, thus making you smell better.

• Use Chlorophyll gel tabs or Chlorophyll liquid from wild oats/ whole foods or health food store. It’s an internal deodoriser that minimises or eliminates body odour.

• Food with high sulfur content such as garlic and eggs are a definite culprit for those with body odour problems. Try to avoid it to smell god.

• If you suffer from foot odour, you should wear socks in your shoes (preferably cotton, which absorbs moisture and dries faster), and change them at least daily to keep your feet dry.