Soak in the local sun

Matthias Meyer, German Ambassador to Nepal, has an insatiable appetite for culture, books, art, adventure, hikes, treks, and desires to be lost in the old world charm of local book shops in the alleys of Kathmandu. He talks about his affection for Nepal with Travel & Lifestyle

Meyer’s visited Nepal more than a couple of times. His ambassadorial role brought him to Nepal for the fourth time in four decades.

His first visit

“When I first visited in 1979, I was a young trekker with long hair, serving as an intern at the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Bombay. My boss at the time allowed me to travel to see the country, and I came by bus via Varanasi to Kathmandu. Along the way, I met many young people, who like myself, were also discovering parts of the countryside including the royal cities of Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. Back then, it was a completely different atmosphere. Areas were less populated and there were more spaces to relax.”

Nepal through his eyes

Recalling his initial days in Nepal, he shares, “As a diplomat in July 2014, I chose to stay at Hotel Yak & Yeti since the residence at which I was to live still had to be renovated. In addition, my furniture was still on its seemingly endless trip from Europe. It was the monsoon season, and it rained every day. I would walk through the streets with an umbrella. From the beginning, I made friends. The people I met were very open-minded and curious to listen to what I had to tell them about myself. My son arrived a week after my arrival and our first trip was to Dhulikhel, where we made our first treks and stayed at the wonderful High View Resort.”

Talking about his journey in Nepal so far, he says, “My impressions of Nepal are getting more colourful day by day. I live in a fascinating environment where I face the opportunity to get in touch with numerous cultural and religious practices. I’m so grateful to the people who’ve introduced me to different festivals around Kathmandu. I feel enriched and am very happy to have the opportunity to stay here for more years to come.”

Q&A with Meyer

Your favourite places to hangout in Kathmandu

Garden of Dreams and Vesper Café

Best place to shop in Nepal

Thamel, the Old City of Patan, Vajra Book Shop and several antique shops all over the city

Favourite getaway destination in Nepal

Nagarkot — The Farm House

A dish that you love preparing


Your favourite Nepali dish...

Dal Bhat

You always carry…

Sun glasses, camera and mobile phone

The most luxurious thing you have bought in Nepal

An ancient Tibetan textile, Thangka

Favourite buys…

Local produce from the mountain regions like Ilam tea, soap and incense sticks.

On Meyer’s Nepal bucket list

  • Trekking
  • Going on a jungle safari
  • Rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Mountaineering