Styling chinos well

NEW DELHI: Chinos look very smart if styled well. Pairing it right and choosing the perfect colour will help make the perfect look, says an expert.

Experts from men's fashion brand John Players have shared tips to be innovative with chinos.Chinos fit right when they are in their best that is — khakis, greys and browns. These are both classy and fit to tees of different colours.

For a more neutral look go with the regular blacks and make an impact.Chinos look good with anything — be it a cool polo tee, shirt, sweater or a jacket.

The trick is to pair up according to the weather and occasion. Chinos paired up with cotton tees is a summer saver and looks trendy for the college days. Pair it with a shirt and you are ready to charm your workplace.

The best part of chinos is their versatility. You can make a regular chinos look stylish with a matching belt, hat or sunglasses to give it a complete look.

Do not over accessorise as it might go against you.