Surgeons gather to discuss bone marrow transplant practices

Kathmandu, November 5

Bone marrow transplant surgeons assembled in Kathmandu for the Global Bone Marrow Transplant Conference jointly organised by Civil Service Hospital and University of Illinois, USA, here today.

Bone marrow transplant surgeons discussed problems related to bone marrow and  developments in treatment practices.

Doctors from five different countries — Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Nepal and the United States of America — participated in the conference. The conference aimed to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the field.

Surgeons participating in the conference discussed the role of auto transplant, challenges of bone marrow transplantation in paediatrics age group, management of infections complicating allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplant, challenges of managing chronic graft-versus-host disease in low middle income countries and autologous stem cell transplantation versus novel drugs in patients with multiple myeloma.

Similarly, doctors from Nepal talked about the condition of bone marrow transplantation in Nepal. They said so far 11 bone marrow transplants had been done in the country.

“Bone marrow transplant is a high risk procedure. Therefore, people don’t want to take the risk. In addition, many are unknown about the availability of services in the country and are visiting neighbouring countries for treatment. In addition, there is also a lack of referral of the patients.  Therefore, this conference has been organised to urge physicians to ensure referrals are timely  for best treatment,” shared Dr Bishesh Poudyal, chief, clinical haematology and bone marrow transplant unit, Civil Service Hospital.

Similarly, a mobile application Global BMT Referral App was also launched during the conference. The mobile application helps doctors from the rural areas connect to the Civil Service Hospital.