Nepal | January 21, 2020

Paul-Henry de Baere (PH) sets new world record of highest parachute landing

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A view of parachute landing at the West Col of Barunste in Himalaya area, on Sunday, May 19, 2019. Courtesy: Explore Himalaya

KATHMANDU: Paul-Henry de Baere (PH) has set a new world record of highest stand-up parachute landing precisely on target at the West Col of Barunste in the Nepali Himalaya on Sunday.

The landing altitude was 20,160ft MSL (6145m) and was made using a performance Designs Navigator 240 main parachute with a wingloading 0.8 and into a 10kt headwind, Explore Himalaya, the organiser said in a press statement.

The world record jump was made from ‘The Dragon’, a Eurocopter B3 helicopter with additional air support provided by Simrik Air, reads the statement.

With this courageous effort, Paul-Henry de Baere (PH) shattered Everest Skydive’s teammates Wendy Elizabeth Smith and Tom Noonan ten-year-old altitude record of 17, 192ft MSL (5240m) in 2009.

Record holder Paul-Henry de Baere is Media Director at the Everest Skydive in Kathmandu.

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