Water level in Saptakoshi highest of the year, Saptari locals fear inundation

SAPTARI/INARUWA: The incessant rain showers that battered hilly districts in east of the country for last two days have triggered flash floods in the district.

Water flow in the Saptakosi River has been measured at 165,000 cusec, the highest of this year so far.

It the flow exceeds 150,000 cusec, it is considered above the danger level.

Around half dozen VDCs are at the risk of inundation following the swelling of the Khado River in Saptari district due to the heavy rain on Thursday and Friday.

It is stated that villages like Rampura Malhaniya, Sakarpura, Tilathi and the surrounding villages of Kunoli town in India are at imminent risk of inundation.

Similarly, it is stated consumers of Saptari who travel to Kunoli Bazaar for shopping are facing difficulty due to the lack of a bridge over the Khado River that flows through Kunoli town.

Likewise, water level in the Balan rivulet that flows along the border of Saptari and Siraha districts has increased, adding to the risk of flooding in the area.

'Sunsari is safe'

Meanwhile, the Koshi Barrage Control Room said the water level started decreasing, mitigating risk of inundation in various villages of Sunsari district.

Similarly, Chief District Officer of Sunsari district Rabilal Panth said that there is no risk of inundation to Sunsari due to the decreasing level of water in the Saptakoshi River.