Nepal | October 17, 2019

In rarity: Local woman representative inspires others for self-employment

Tekendra Deuba

Indira Bohara, deputy chief of Badikedar Rural Municipality in Doti district, selling vegetables at a local market in Dhangadhi, on Sunday, August 11, 2019. Photo: Tekendra Deuba/THT

DHANGADHI: Indira Bohara, deputy chief of Badikedar Rural Municipality in Doti district, was seen selling vegetables at Trinagar haat bazaar (local weekly market), in Dhangadhi, on Sunday.

Bohara had placed her stall near the main-gate. Many people who knew her were surprised and shocked to see her selling vegetables at the local market despite being the deputy chief.

“Politics is a social service, not a profession. I have given continuity to this profession to manage my household expenses,” Bohara said.

Nepali Congress leader Bohara stated, “With effective time management, I have been able to take forward both my professions simultaneously.”

Bohara, who has been involved in this business for the past 13 years, said that during peak season she goes to the haat bazaar herself and sells goods in the retail and wholesale markets.

“This season, I sold around 163 tons of vegetables in Dhangadhi,” Bohara said adding that demands were much higher in Terai areas as compared to the hilly districts. “In spite of being a local representative, I have been doing vegetable business with the motive of inspiring others and setting an example of self-employment in the country,” Bohara shared.

‘Indira General Store and Agricultural Products Collection Centre’ is in operation at Bachain Danda in Badikedar Rural Municipality-2 in the district, Bohara informed.

Locally produced honey, lentils, ghee, ginger, black pepper among others are collected in the Centre. In Bohara’s leadership, Nava Jagaran Krishi Co-operative is being operated in the area

Although Indira Bohara’s identity has changed, her profession has not, one of the locals said.

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