1 hurt as bomb explodes in Khotang UML candidate's residence

KHOTANG: A bomb exploded at the residence of CPN-UML candidate for the post of ward chairperson of Dorpachiuridanda in Rupakot Majuwagadhi Municipality, Khotang last night injuring a member of the family.

The explosion took place at the residence of UML candidate Lila Chauhan. The bomb exploded when Chauhan's brother Tek Bahadur, daughter-in-law Sakuntala were having dinner in the kitchen along with an eight-month-old infant.

Candidate Chauhan's daughter-in-law was seriously hurt in the explosion. Both her legs were charred in the attack.

According to local eye witness account, an unidentified group hurled a bomb at the house and after it did not detonate a second bomb was pitched inside.

Locals say that two youths had been asking for the location of the residence of Krishna Khatri half an hour before the attack. CPN-UML Khotang Chair Babi Chamling claimed that the bomb attack targeted at the candidate.