10 Jajarkot VDCs fully immunised

JAJARKOT: 10 VDCs of Jajarkot district have been declared fully-immunised cluster.

The declaration came after all children of the VDCs remained fully immunised with a couple of years of consistent efforts to that end.

There is a provision that a VDC can be declared a fully immunised zone at the recommendation of District Immunisation Coordination Committee when all children of the area are found served with all 10 vaccines in a two-year round survey. Meeting all the criteria, 10 VDCs have been declared fully immunised zone, said Chief of District Health Office, Jajarkot  Rajendra GC.

As many as 2,712 children of Paik, Jagatipur, Salma, Archhani, lahan, Dhime, Jhapra, Talegaun and Suwanauli VDCs were administered all 10 types of vaccines.