KANCHANPUR: The dropout rate in the secondary level has increased in Kanchanpur district of late.

The District Education Office stated that only 10 per cent of the students enrolled in the primary level get through the higher grades.

The DEO said the dropouts were found be children of freed Haliyas and Kamaiyas, Dalit community, Badi community, landless squatters and people with physical disabilities.

Children study till grade 5 with much difficulty, but as the adults head to India for work, it subsequently affects students' education after that, informed Assistant District Education Officer Padma Raj Bhatta.

Bhatta stated that scholarship programmes have been initiated to minimise the trend and educate the children there.

Funds to launch tiffin programmes in the schools have also been requested for the same, he added.

As many as 261 community schools have started a free education programme to develop regular school-going habit in children. The two-year programme was launched with a financial aid from the Backward Society Education (BASE).

Likewise, community classes also have been launched there to increase literacy rate in the district.