Over 100 Bajura households at risk of floods, landslides

BAJURA:  "The more it rains, the more panic it creates in us," Bache Bhandari, a local in Kawadi, Rugin-6 of Bajura district, shares when people talk about landslides.

Bache and his neighbours say they rush to another nearby village whenever it rains heavily.

According to locals, there are around 100 families in Kawadi, who have been living under the constant threat of being swept away by floods and buried by landslides every monsoon. The village had lost two persons to a landslide just three weeks back.

Two dozen households have already been displaced from the village.

Many locals share that they do not sleep if it rains during nights.

Similar is the story of other villages including Barhabis, Badhu, Kolti, Jagannath, Gudukhati, Kuldevmandaun, Kailashmandaun, Brahmatola, Rugin and Sappata, according to the District Administration Office.

Around a dozen families in each of the villages are living under the constant threat of landslides and floods, according to a DAO official.

The District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee, however, says as many as 16 of the 27 VDCs of the district are at the high risk of landslide.