BIRATNAGAR: The number of drug abusers has gone up in Morang following an illegal import of prohibited drugs from Jogbani that lies on the India-Nepal border.

Drug abusers and illegal drug traders are taking advantage of open border facilities between Nepal and India as they can easily visit the Indian markets to purchase prohibited drugs. The District Police Office, Morang has set its priority to control the drugs smugglings via the Jogbani point.

Morang shares some 63 kilometres of open border with India. Illegal drugs traders are found hiring youths in the transportation of illicit drugs.

The office has intensified surveillance in Rani and local bus park areas to foil possible attempts to smuggle prohibited drugs via the southern border.

According to Superintendent of Police Sandip Bhandari, in the past four months 103 people faced action for their involvement in the drugs smugglings via the Jogbani point.