Rautahat, July 22 At least 11 persons were bitten by poisonous snakes in different places of Rautahat on Wednesday. Poisonous snakes have been increasing due to hot weather in the district. Samasa Khatun of Saruattha, Rajan Kumar of Auriya, Pratima Kumari Yadav of  Dharampur, Misri Bhagat of Mahammadpur, Debanti Devi of Khesarhiya, Pushpa Kumari of Basantapati, Pawan Kumar Das of Bagahi, Elainchi Devi of Kamaruniya, along with Shek Kamarudin Nek Mohammad and Dauda Ali Khan of Gaur Municipality were bitten by snakes. They were taken to the district hospital for treatment. Prabin Jha, in-charge at emergency ward of the hospital, said the patients’ condition was normal. According to Jha, two people have died of snake bite in the district this year. “They died due to delay in treatment as locals had taken them to the shaman first,” he said.  He claimed that around 500 snake-bite patients had returned to their houses after receiving treatment in the hospital till date. Sources at the hospital said that the hospital was running short of anti-venom with the increasing number of patients. Jha informed that some patients needed five anti-venom doses while some needed 50. “We recommend the anti-venom as per the patient’s condition,” he said. He added, “We have requested the mid-central regional Drugs Office to send additional anti-venom serum. It should arrive within two days.”