13 mishap victims identified

Mahendranagar, February 17:

Thirteen out of 15 persons killed in the bus accident at Maurya turning point in Baitadi yesterday have been identified till Friday evening.

Among those killed were Birendra Nath (40) and Kisan Chand of Dashrath Chand municipality, Belu Devi Thapa (65) and Kaushila Devi Thapa (62) of Tripura, Kalu Singh Bista (60) and Sushila Bista (16) of Bhauneli, Kisan Datta Badu ‘Sharma’ (65), Chandra Dev Badu and Prakash Kumar Badu of Durgasthan, Gopal Parki and Ram Luhar of Kuwakot and Kamala

Giri of Dandakot . Bus driver Suraj Rawal (26) was also killed.

Fifteen out of 16 passengers travelling in a minibus, headed for Gothalapani from Jhulaghat, were killed on the spot when the bus skidded off the road and fell 200 meters down into the Mahakali River.