1,300 hectare forest destroyed in Kavre

Kavre, May 5

Around 1,300 hectare forest area was destroyed due to wildfire that had spread to different community forests in Kavre district in the last two months.

According to district forest office, the wildfire mostly destroyed the southern part of the district.

Forest Officer Prem Prasad Khanal said that around 250 hectare land in the Mahabharat Area, 55 hectare in Janagal area, 60 hectare in Narayansthan, 339 in Khopasi areas and 70 hectare in Chaubas were destroyed in the community forest.

Khanal said that the wildfire had spread due to the wrong belief among locals. “Revenge against forest staffers, good growth of fruits and grass after the fire, easing access to the forest for killing wild animals, among others are the major reasons behind the wildfire,” he said.

Khanal further added that the wildfire had spread to different community forests in the district due to prolonged drought.

Forest office statistics showed that wildfire had destroyed around 200 hectare forest area in the last fiscal.

It is said that the office has hung various awareness raising hoarding boards and launched miking programme about wildfire in the villages.