1,400 stray dogs killed

Himalayan News Service

Biratnagar, April 8:

Since last April, nearly 1,400 stray dogs have been killed till this month, under the Biratnagar sub-metropolitan city office’s campaign to kill stray dogs in order to control rabies.

The sub-metropolitan city office launched this campaign as stray dogs continue to grow in the area. The office plans to kill 2,000 stray dogs this year, informed veterinary technician of the sub-metropolitan city office, Hira Lal Yadav. As per the data available at the sub-metropolitan city office, there are 5,000 stray dogs and 2,000 pet dogs in Biratnagar. The killings are conducted in the months of April, September and March when the indulgence in sexual activity reaches its peak.

The executive officer of the sub-metropolitan city office, Narayan Gyawali, said that their main targets are street dogs since they are estimated to bite nearly 200 passers-by every year. However, the data made available by Koshi zonal hospital shows that dog bite has occasionally cost a human life. Although two to five persons had died in the past years, the number of casualty has come down, said Dr RL Karuwa.