15 still missing in Sankhuwasabha

SANKHUWASABHA: There are slim chances of rescuing their missing near and dear ones. But, the family members of those missing in the landslide at Sikding of Tamku VDC-9 yesterday have not yet given up hope.

They carried out search from Sankhu River to Arun River, but in vain. A team of police personnel is also helping them finding their missing kin. The landslide had swept away Panchkubir Rai (30), his wife Laxmi, two sons and a daughter.

Kattusher (66), Rai’s father too is involved in the search. The house of Aash Kumar, Rai’s brother, too was swept away in the disaster. But his family members managed to escape. “There is no hope of getting my brother and his family members alive,” Aash Kumar said.

Five members of Laxmi Prasad Rai’s family of the village are also missing after the landslide.

Altogether three persons were perished while 10 others have gone missing in the landslide that occurred in Tamku VDC yesterday. In the aftermath of the disaster, the entire village is in a grief.

In another landslide the same day, five family members of Laxmi Prasad Rai have gone missing in Sikding area. His daughters Jasmati and Menuka, and sons Dhanlal and Puspalal, along with Rai, are those missing. Rai’s wife, Bandimaya, was rescued. Upon hearing the calamity that struck on her family, Urmila Rai (20) — Rai’s daughter — lost her consciousness.

Urmila was admitted to Khandbari hospital after she passed out hearing the news yesterday, her friends said.

Meanwhile, District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee said it informed the centre that over 3,000 people of remote Bala, Mantewa, Tamku and Yaphu VDCs were facing the landslide risk. The committee also urged the authorities for proper resettlement of the families at risk. “Since the authorities did not act timely, the disaster struck,” said Khadga Rai, a rights activist.

“We will make provision for the resettlement of the displaced at the earliest,” CDO Tulasi Prasad Gautam said.