Nepal | February 20, 2020

Over 150 climbers summit Mt Manaslu in two days

Rajan Pokhrel

KATHMANDU: More than 150 foreign climbers and high altitude workers have successfully summitted the Mt Manaslu (8,163 m), the world’s eighth highest peak, in two days.

According to expedition organisers, more than 50 climbers stood atop the mountain on Saturday morning while over 100 made it to the summit on Friday.

“At least fifty climbers including 25 foreigners reached the top of the mountain on Saturday morning,” Mingma Sherpa, Managing Director at Seven Summit Treks, quoted the climbers as saying over phone from the Camp IV.

According to the Everest Summiteers’ Association Nepal, ESAN’s president Maya Sherpa, who was the only Nepali woman to climb the Mt Everest from Nepal side in the last spring season, also summitted the Mt Manaslu on Friday.

Most of the climbers who conquered the peak on Friday have already descended to the base camp and the Camp I while others have been returning to the Camp II and the Camp III safely, Mingma D Sherpa, who plans to climb the peak with his team members next week, told THT Online from the base camp.

“Safely back to base camp last night. It was long journey from camp IV to summit and back to base camp directly. Not accident at all on Mt Manaslu this year so far,” Mingma Sherpa, another summitter shared. Very few climbers will be attempting to climb the peak in the next few days.

Among 95 climbers who stood atop the peak on Friday, 35 were Chinese nationals and 10 of the international expedition, Sherpa said adding that 50 climbing Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks also accompanied the foreign climbers to the summit.

There are 17 teams comprising 151 foreign climbers on the Mt Manaslu in the autumn season.

Altogether 360 persons including climbers, high altitude workers and support staff have headed for the Manaslu base camp, according to a record at the Department of Tourism.


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