Kathmandu, July 20:

Some 150 workers affiliated to General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), which is close to the CPN-UML, have revolted against their union and joined the Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF).

The workers affiliated to the Central Union of Painters, Plumbers, Electro and Construction Workers (CUPPEC), Nepal, under the GEFONT would now form the All Nepal Construction Workers’ Association under ANTUF.

Addressing a programme organised by ANTUF to welcome the workers, treasurer of the Kathmandu District Committee of GEFONT, Madan Dahal, accused the GEFONT of not being able to fight for the rights of the workers. “They only talk big about the majdoors’ welfare”.

Another member of the committee, Chandra Parajuli, said he became a true “communist cadre” today.

He said the UML is a “partial capitalist” party and the younger brother of the Nepali Congress and, therefore, it cannot fight for the workers’ rights. He further said some 150 active members of the CUPPEC’s ward committees have revolted along with its area committees.

ANTUF president Shalikram Jammakattel welcomed six revolting leaders with vermilion powder and garlanded them. Only some 25 revolting members were present at the function.

“All the proletariats would come under a single camp one day,” Jammakattel said, adding that the polarization process of the revolutionary forces should be given a boost in order to fight the forces seeking to maintain status quo.

He further said “great minds” of the world are presently thinking of what the CPN-Maoist is doing in Nepal. “Our party has become the focus of all the proletariat workers. The workers of the UML are gradually revolting after they have started realising that the party can never liberate them.” He said a few zonal committees of GEFONT have now become empty with no member in them.