16 Nepalis rescued, sent back home from Malaysia

KATHMANDU: The Embassy of Nepal in Malaysia said it helped 16 Nepali nationals, who were released from Malaysian jails after doing time for breaching immigration laws and illegally working there, return home recently.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Nepali mission said it with the help of Foreign Investment Promotion Board bought air tickets and sent them to Nepal on a Nepal Airlines flight on July 14.

The Nepali nationals were taking refuge at a detention camp in Sepang after they were completed their sentences.

The Embassy of Nepal said so far it has rescued 612 Nepali migrant workers who were stranded in Malaysia.

Other Nepalis currently staying at other detention camps will also be provided with air tickets to return home, the Embassy said in the statement.

Malaysia was one of the favourite destinations for Nepali migrant workers till last year. Malaysia, however, has stopped accepting foreign workers since March.