16-pt deal brings cheers to business fraternity

CHITWAN: The recent 16-point agreement among political parties has brought cheers among the business fraternity in Chitwan.

According to Industry Association Chitwan chairperson Krishna Prasad Adhikari, the deal among major political stakeholders has sent positive vibes with prospects of constitution drafting and formation of a stable government appearing at hand.

“The ongoing political wrangling and frequently changing government over the years had taken its toll on businesses and industries in the district that is known for the production of milk, banana, honey, poultry and the likes, but the latest accord among the parties is being seen as a welcome sign,” said Adhikari.

“The industries here have since long been struggling with problems of load shedding and frequent strikes called by workers and political parties. If they keep bickering for power, we’ll have no option but to pull down our shutters,” Adhikari added.

Former chairperson of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association Chitwan and central member of Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ramesh Kumar Piya welcomed the latest political development.

“News of parties forging a deal has already fostered a positive trend in the share market, and most importantly, it will be a fillip to the tourism industry crippled by the latest earthquake,” Piya said, adding, businessmen and industrialists are ready to inject more investment.

Poultry Entrepreneurs’ Forum Chitwan Chairperson Shankar Kandel estimated that the sector, which has seen around 60 billion rupees invested so far, may see double investment once the country gets a constitution and there is political stability.