16 Chitwan rhinos die natural death in 2 yrs

CHITWAN: Although the poaching of one-horned rhino has completely come under control now, a total of 16 rhinos died of natural causes in the Chitwan National Park in last 22 months.

A total of 10 rhinos had died natural death in the Park from mid-April 2014 to mid-April 2015.

The Park, however, has not seen a single rhino died of poaching since May 3, 2015. Since the day, as many as six succumbed to various natural causes during the same period.

Assistant Conservation Officer at the Park, Nurendra Aryal, said some rhinos died due to attacks from tigers and crocodiles, fighting with each other as well as receiving electric shock.

There are 645 rhinos across the nation while Chitwan National Park alone is home to 605, as per the latest census.

The number of rhinos had decreased sharply during the armed conflict period.