173 victims receive third instalment of grant

Nawalpur, November 14

As many as 173 earthquake victims have received the third instalment of the grant amount for reconstruction of private house in Nawalparasi till date.

Of the 872 quake victims, 699 are yet to receive the third instalment of the grant. Of the total affected victims, there are 852 quake victims in east Nawalparasi and 20 households in west Nawalparasi.

National Reconstruction Authority District Project Implementation Unit, Nawalparasi, said the beneficiaries could not get the third instalment of the financial grant due to lack of technicians and delay in providing training  to them on earthquake resistance housing. Unit Chief Rajendra Karki said the unit had submitted the amount to 870 victims as first instalment amount while 581 had received second instalment and 173 had received the third instalment.

As many as 1,221 victims have registered complaints regarding establishment of the project office in the east Nawalparai. Karki said relief distribution programme would be expedited taking into account the grievances of victims from the next month. Of the quake affected victims, there are 224 victims in Bulingtar Rural Municipality in east Nawalparasi.