KATHMANDU; Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has made public its report on sexual violence. According to the report, 177 persons, including women and children, were victims of sexual violence in 2009.
The report made public on Monday stated around 163 rape and attempted rape cases were recorded in the year. The report said that around five persons were raped and murdered. The rape victims were both minors and senior citizens. The incidents of rape cases had, however, gone down as compared to last year.
In a press statement, INSEC said that most of the rape victims were above 16 years of age.
In the recorded 35 cases involving minors, one four-year-old boy and 34 female children below 10 were victims of sexual violence in which 23 were rape cases and five were attempted rape. A five-year-old girl was gang-raped and one nine-year-old girl was killed after being raped.
Among 58 cases involving the age group of 10-16 years, 63 children including two boys were raped. The data showed that one 12-year-old girl and five other disabled women were raped. A Nepal Police personnel was raped by her colleagues in Achham recently.
INSEC said that the report indicated that women and girl children were insecure even in the family, neighbourhood and at work places.
The report further showed that perpetrators ranging from 14 to 76 in age were directly involved in 163 rape and rape attempts. Members of security forces were involved in 10 cases.
Ten Nepal Police personnel, four Nepali Army personnel and two Armed Police Force men were involved in five, four and one rape cases respectively.