18 Shuklaphanta vultures die within week

DHANGADHI: As many as 18 vultures, the critically endangered species, were found dead within a period of one week, in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Kanchanpur district.

According to the Reserve's Information Officer, Gopal Bahadur Ghimire, the birds were found dead in Barkaula and Piparaiya areas of the Reserve.

Some carcasses of cows were found near the bodies of vultures, he said, suspecting that the vultures were poisoned with the carcasses.

Local people had noticed the vulture carcasses and informed Reserve.

Meanwhile, the vultures were sent for the checkup.

Earlier, the government had declared the Kanchanpur district as a Diclofenac Free Zone in 2010.

Diclofenac is a kind of drug that is used in carcasses of cattle to kill protected birds.

A latest census found that 86 vultures were living in the Reserve in 43 nests.