18 lockdown offenders detained in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: As many as 18 persons were detained after they were found wandering on the roads during the lockdown in Bhojpur, on Saturday morning.

Despite the rise in number of COVID-19 cases in the country, locals in Bhojpur have not fully comprehended the importance of staying at home and maintaining a physical distance, which has started creating problems.

Police, after taking lockdown offenders in custody, have been creating awareness by counselling them about the coronavirus infection and its risks, importance of lockdown, and social distancing for about two hours on the road. But the locals repeat the same thing the next day.

If this continues, the risk of infection will increase.

"Police have been urging everyone to follow the lockdown regulations and stay at home, and have been monitoring the activities of locals. But problems are surfacing as the locals are not being sensitive to the issue," stated information officer at Bhojpur District Police Office, Police Inspector Pandav Rajbanshi.

Inspector Rajbanshi added, police personnel have been active in all parts of the district to enforce the lockdown, without caring for their own safety. Therefore, it is important that public heed the regulations.

A total of 129 people have already been detained by police for violating lockdown in Bhojpur district, till date.

Meanwhile, with the increase in number of people infected by the novel coronavirus in the country, Ghodetar Bazaar of Hatuwagadhi Rural Municipality in the district will be completely closed from Saturday. The step has been taken in compliance with the government-imposed nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Bhojpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ghodetar Chapter, has indicated that all shops, hotels, and other businesses in the market area will remain completely closed till April 27.