2,000 malnourished children in Bajura district, says DPHO

Bajura, August 18

At least 2,000 children are suffering from malnutrition, as per data with the District Public Health Office.

The government and other organisations launched various campaigns against malnutrition in the district, which ranks lowest on Human Development Index. However, those programmes have so far failed to produce significant results.

In a bid to eliminate the disease from the district, the DPHO has launched Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition, said DPHO officer Ramesh Kunwar. Under the IMAM, awareness campaigns are held, while dietary tips are provided to patients.

Patients with malnutrition are often advised to increase intake of protein, carbohydrates, water, minerals and vitamins.

The patients aged above one to below five were found suffering from malnutrition during a check-up, said the DPHO, adding that 600 among them are severe cases and 1,400 moderate.

Six health institutions in the district—District Public Health Office, Tante Health Post, Kolti Primary Health Centre, Rugin Health Post and Gotri Health Post— are providing treatment by running treatment centre for malnourished children, said IMAM district coordinator Dr Udaya Prakash.