20,000 goats in Tanahun for Dashain

Damauli, October 12

More than 20 thousand goats have been brought to the different marketplaces of Tanahun for the fast approaching Dashain festival.

The goats have been brought from Baidi, Kota, Kahushivapur, Bhirkot and Chhipchhipe, among other villages of the district for marketplaces in Damauli, Dumre, anbukhaireni, Khairenitar, Dulegauda, Bhimad, Bandipur, Turture and Satrassaya, among other areas.

Purna Bahadur BK and Nip Bahadur BK of Bhirkot 5, brought 19 goats worth around Rs 2.5 lakh.

They had to incur a loss of Rs 75,000 while trading as many as 250 goats last year. However, they are to recover the loss this year.

According to the duo, they have sold the live goats for Rs 400 per kg last year.

The customers said that meat this year would be costlier compared to last year.

A large number of people have gathered to buy the goats for Dashain festival along Malpot Line of Damauli in the run up to the great Hindu festival.

Goat traders have claimed that sales will go up massively after Ghatasthapana.

Goats reared in Tanahun are sold in Lamjung, Gorkha and Kaski districts.

It has been estimated that around 16,000 goats had been traded last year in the district during Dashain festival.