24 dengue cases confirmed in Damak

Jhapa, October 21

As many as 24 dengue cases have been confirmed in Damak municipality of Jhapa, five on Friday alone.

Speaking at a press conference in Damak today, Senior Assistant Health Worker at Damak Hospital Nagendra Bhattarai confirmed the dengue cases and cautioned the general public against the possible spread of the disease.

According to Bhattarai, patients visiting Damak Hospital, Lifeline Hospital, and Amda Hospital among other health facilities for treatment were diagnosed with dengue. Health officials urged people to visit hospitals and health facilities at the earliest if they observe dengue symptoms.

Bhattarai said dengue patients show symptoms such as fever, nausea, loss of appetite, and pain in the joints.

“The disease is transmitted by female mosquitoes of some species and can be treated, but I urge everyone not to take any drugs without doctors’ prescription,” he said.

Meanwhile, the municipality has started a publicity campaign through the local media urging people to drain out any small, stagnant water bodies, potholes in their vicinity that could be breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that cause dengue.