25 VDCs caught in forest fire, several animals lose their habitat

MAYGDI: Fire that broke out in 25 VDCs in Myadgi district has caused heavy losses of lives and property.

District Forest Officer, Purneswor Subedi, said the fire broke out simultaneously across 70 different places in the 25 VDCs.

According to a local, Chitra BK, the fire spread across eight different places in Kuinemangal VDC.

“The fire not only destroyed some 43 hectares of forest area but also killed animals in the forest,” adding the remains of the bodies of dead animals could be found in the forest.

Several houses were also gutted in the fire that broke out in Malkwang, Pakhapani, Arthunge and Baniyachaur VDCs. Around 2237 hectares of community forest and 1150 hectares of national forests were damaged in the fire. The statistics was collected with the help of nine range posts based in the district, the district forest office said.

The DFO said fire also spread across Jyamrukot, Ratnechaur, Baranja, Kuhu, Darwang, Okharbot, Singa, Marang and Dagngam, Mudi, Muna, Devisthan, Gurga, Takam, Ramche and Begkhola VDCs. Animals including deer, ghoral, tigers and monkey and plants including yarshagumba, jatamasi, panchaule and nirmasi which were in the forest have lost their habitat.

Five members of a family were killed in fire in a forest in Kuhu VDC, locals said, adding, rare animals were also killed in fire that broke out in Mudi forest. Twenty-five goats and sheep were gutted in fire in Dowa area, locals said.