Kavre, August 21

As many as 27 children are suffering from jaundice in the three wards of Mandandeupur Municipality in Kavre.

Children below 15 years of age from Wards 7, 8 and 9 of the municipality have been suffering from jaundice for the last one month. Chair of Ward No 8 Jhalak Prasad Poudel informed that children from Kuntabesi of Ward No 7, Dhaitar of Ward No 8 and Rayobari and Pauwa of Ward No 9 have been affected.

Most of the children suffering from jaundice are receiving treatment at Dhulikhel Hospital while some have opted for herbal cure at home. Most of the children suffering from the disease are students of Valley Secondary School and Little Star Boarding School.

Health representative at the municipality Dipak Ghimire said that vomiting, loss of appetite and fever, among others, were common symptoms in all the children. He said the problem was seen among the children due to contaminated drinking water and food.

Meanwhile, the municipality office, through its seven sub-health posts, has urged locals to adopt preventive measures against the disease. Similarly, representatives of the wards have also been advised to spread awareness about drinking pure water and consuming hygienic food.