3 billion development budget frozen in Kailali

DHANGADHI: Nearly Rs 3 billion development budget allocated by the federal government for Kailali district has frozen in the current fiscal year.

According to Madan Pandeya, Information Officer at the District Treasury Comptroller Office, Kailali, out of Rs 7.73 billion capital budget that was allocated for development projects in the district, only 61.3 per cent was spent which is equivalent to Rs 4.74 billion. Meanwhile, 93 per cent of the operating budget has been spent, further informed Pandeya.

As an example, Ranijamara Kulariya Irrigation Project, a national pride project of the district had received Rs 3.25 billion. Out of this, only 31 per cent, which is around Rs 1 billion has been spent.

The District Treasury Comptroller Office in Kailali has expressed its disappointment that only 61 per cent of the development budget was used. In an average, around 80 per cent of the development budget had been utilised in the past 5 years in the district, making this year a disappointing one.

The major portion of development budget going back proves that the pace of under-construction projects in the district has not been satisfactory.

Spending of the allocated budget has not improved despite government introducing budget by the end of May and providing authority to the provinces and local levels for its spending.