3 injured in panic rush after light aftershock

GORKHA: Three persons were injured when a light aftershock jolted various parts of Gorkha district including its headquarters this afternoon.

The magnitude-4.5 aftershock, with its epicenter at Taple VDC in the district, was recorded at 2: 37 pm today.

The injured are Ganesh Gurung, a 10th grader in a local school in the district headquarters; Amit Bhandari, a staffer in a development agency; and Ashok Pokharel, a local.

Gurung sustained an injury on his left foot while he rushed to safety after the aftershock hit while Bhandari's right hand is injured.

Similarly, Pokharel was hurt when a glass fell onto him due to the tremor.

Aftershocks continue to occur in various parts of the district since the magnitude-7.6 earthquake, with its epicenter in Barpark in Gorkha, rocked the country on April 25, 2015.