File photo of Inland Revenue Department. Courtesy: IRD
KATHMANDU: With the view of upcoming festive seasons,the Inland Revenue Department has mobilised its offices to intensify market monitoring in the valley. The Department also said at least three teams each from 36 different offices under the IRD have been carrying out market monitoring from September 12. It also said that its a routine market monitoring, however, during festive season IRD intensify its market vigilance as most traders are reported to be under pricing their goods. The Department also informed that at least 40 traders were booked as per the law on the spot during the market monitoring in the Valley. At least other 110 traders were found not abided by tax laws and were fined as per the tax law instantly. During this four days of market monitoring, IRD said 234 teams inspected 1951 tax payers and 302 were fined and other were booked as per the existing tax laws in the country. The team also seized illegal tobacco and liquor during the market monitoring. During a surprise inspection, they also found fake sticker being used to sell products, illegal liquor, not keeping accounts of the items, running business without registration, not paying rental taxes, not using proper bills and were booked as per the existing laws. The teams led by the Tax Officers gave tax education to the traders during the market monitoring and urged them to abide by the law. Meanwhile, the tax officers have summoned the booked and suspected traders to the IRD for further investigation.