318 Nepalis languishing in foreign prisons

Kathmandu, May 31

The government has revealed that as many as 318 Nepalis are languishing in foreign jails.

According to foreign affairs section of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, which collected the data, some of the Nepalis in foreign jails were facing capital punishment and life imprisonment. Others have been serving time for murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, burglary, rape and fraud.

Sushil Dhungana, an official at the PMO, informed that Nepalis were serving jail terms in 32 countries. He said 17 Nepalis were awaiting capital punishment, 43 serving life imprisonment and 239 serving jail terms ranging from one month to 50 years.

Similarly, cases have been filed against 14 seeking capital punishment and against three seeking life imprisonment. In Malaysia alone, 500 Nepalis have been detained at a Returnee Centre.

The country having the highest number of Nepalis serving jail terms is Soudi Arabia, followed by Kuwait and Qatar. The record was maintained by the PMO after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ordered for the same.