45 new infections detected in Parsa, Covid-19 cases increasing in rural areas of Parsa

BIRGUNJ: The Covid-19 cases are increasingly being reported in the rural areas of Parsa district of late.

According to a report published by Narayani Hospital on Saturday, among the 45 new infections detected in Parsa, 12 cases were confirmed in Pokhariya Municipality, the entry point to the rural areas of Parsa. Two new cases were confirmed in Bara district.

Similarly, two were detected in Parsagadhi Municipality, one each in Bahadurmai Municipality and Bindabasini Rural Municipality, both of which are rural local levels of the district.

Likewise, infections have also been traced in the rural areas surrounding Birgunj Metropolitan including Parwanipur, Pantokha, Solakhpur, and Inarawa.

Among the new cases, personnel of Narayani Hospital, Narayani Vayodha Hospital, Prime Pharmaceutical Company and a reporter have been found infected with the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, 27 of the new cases have been found in Birgunj Metropolitan City, the district headquarters.

12 detected while contact tracing a doctor

As many as 12 new cases were identified during the contact tracing of a doctor working at Pokhariya Hospital, who tested positive for the virus.

All infected were the residents of Pokhariya Municiaplaity and had come in contact with the doctor.