BIRGUNJ: Parsa police have started shutting down illegal liquor shops located in the Nepal-India border following reports of drunkards creating chaos and carrying out obscene activities in the border area. A team deployed from the Parsa District Police Office have shut down more than five dozens such shops till date. After the Bihar government banned alcohol in the state, Indian nationals have been found to have entered the Nepali land to indulge in such activities. Shops operating illegally in Piradi Guthi, Chapkaiya, Amarkatti, Inaruwa, Bishwa, Aashbadhi, Bulgai, Ghore, Mirjapur, Tihuki, Thelraha, Prasainibhatha, Janaki Tole were closed by the police. Parsa police have banned illegal distribution, trade, loading and unloading along with consumption of alcohol in the 500-metre vicinity of Dasgaja area.