6 rescued kids handed over to kin

SARLAHI: Armed Police Force (APF) personnel handed over six children, who were rescued from the Indo-Nepal border area in Sarlahi district, to their patents today.

The APF personnel deputed at Madhubani border security post had rescued them while they were being trafficked to India. Police had also arrested an Indian national who was allegedly taking the kids to India luring them of "jobs" there.

Six-year-old Dipendra Majhi, seven-year-old Sanjaya Majhi, 8-year-old Bikram Majhi, Anarjit Majhi and Umesh Majhi, both 11, and Prem Chanda Majhi - all from Sunarbasti in Chhataul VDC 3 of the district, were those rescued.

"I was going to another village as my father told me to leave house for earning money," said a tearful Dipendra, adding that he had not left the house on his own volition at such age.

Sanjaya, another rescued kid, said he his father did not admit him in the school though the school was nearby.

"I left the home when they promised a job better and easier job than grazing cattle in the village," he said.

Superintendent of Police at the border security post, Chandra Prakash Gautam, said that Laxmi Majhi, 34, of Majargunj Thana Situwa village of Sitamadi district in India, who was trafficking the kids luring them with good job and meal, would be handed over to District Police Office for further action. Majhi, however, maintained that she was taking the kids to an agriculture farm in Jalandhar village of Punjab.