Power cuts hassling locals

TANAHUN, June 30

Tanahun folks have been hit hard by frequent power disruptions of late.

The power obstructions have particularly hit bazaar areas, including Dumre, Abu Khaireni, Khairenitar, Dulegauda and Bhimad, besides the district headquarters Damauli.

“We are required to pay fine if we fail to pay the bill on time, but when it come to power cuts, the authorities have no rule or routine,” said Sarke Kumal of Byas municipality.

Tara Bahadur Thapa, teacher at Sindhu Primary School, spoke about the impact of such frequent power disruptions on cottage industries.

While affecting students immensely, household appliances and gadgets are also at risk of being damaged due to uncertain power disruptions. The locals accused the concerned power utility staff of turning a dead ear to their plight.

NEA staff, however, said they were doing their best to end the problem soon.

“Though we cut power during load-shedding hours, there is hardly any disruption at other times of the day,” said Suraj Gurung, chief of Damauli Electricity Sub-station office, adding, “Sometimes we have to cut power for necessary repair work.”