70-30 ratio for party merger and govt formation, says Pandey

Chitwan, January 29

CPN-UML standing committee member and Joint Taskforce member Surendra Pandey today said that unification between the UML and CPN-Maoist Centre as well as formation of central government would be based on 70-30 ratio.

Talking to mediapersons at a press meet organised by Press Chautari Nepal Chitwan in Bharatpur airport, Pandey held that though the UML and Maoist Centre had allocated candidates in the ratio of 60-40 in polls to the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly, they had allocated major posts in the provincial assemblies in the ratio of 70-30 based on the poll outcome. “The two parties have divided seats in the proportion of 70-30 in the National Assembly. Federal government and party unification will be done on the basis of the same ratio,” Pandey added.

Pandey made it clear that the central government would be formed on a 70-30 ratio.

Stating that various grounds had been prepared for party unification, Pandey said the government would be formed prior to the merger of the two communist parties. He ruled out the possibility of merger of the two parties before formation of government. He, however, stated that the two parties would go for merger immediately after formation of the government.

Pandey said the two parties would focus on party unification and formation of the central government after National Assembly polls.

Pandey said that the Deuba-led government had made serious mistake by announcing decisions with far-reaching consequences. He held that implementation of the Deuba government’s decision to provide elderly allowance to people of 65 or above would implode the national economy. He argued that a government which was defeated in the polls could not and should not make decisions having adverse consequences on the people and country.