Abandoned Kolti children struggle to make ends meet

Bajura, September 2

Three children in Kolti VDC of Bajura have been struggling to make ends meet after their mother deserted them four years ago following the death of her husband.

Shitalpura Chadara, 14, Panasha Chadara, 11, and Ganga Chadara, 7, have been living without any support for the last four years. Their father Phagune passed away six years ago while their mother remarried four years ago, leaving the minors in the lurch.

A local Birkha Lunar said the minors have been living with their grandparents.

Their grandfather Deep, 67, has not been able to seek treatment due to his weak financial situation. “Our grandfather was working very hard for the past years to take care of us.

But we have been sleeping on an empty stomach ever since he fell ill, while our grandmother is not strong enough to do any work. We don’t know what will become of us now,” Shitalpura said.

The children had been studying at a local school Panchalaxmi Lower Secondary School, with Shitalpura in Grade VI, Panasha in Grade V, and Ganga in Grade I. However, they have been forced to not attend the school after their grandfather’s illness.

“All our friends go to school with books, bags, and smart uniform but we cannot afford any of that,” Shitalpura said.

“We do want to attend school, but we cannot afford it anymore. We have no choice but to graze other people’s cattle and work at Kolti Bazaar,” she said.

Civil Society Representative Laxmi Padhya said, “Although there are a number of government and non-government organisations working for children in the district, many of them are out of the reach of these children.”