Ablaze made the loss of Rs.1.8 millions

When ablaze caught to Pangjung village 3 of Siluwa Village Development Committee (VDC) located in a very inaccessible area of Plapa district, twenty houses were suddenly turned into the ashes. As mentioned by eye witnesses, the loss of about Rs 1.7 millions, 94 thousands, nine hundreds and forty five rupees has been reported.

The fire that took place a few days before recorded the loss worth Rs 1,27,950 of Krishna Bahadur Byambu of Pangjung village, Rs 90,835 of Bhoj Bahadur Byambu, Rs 1,46,210 of Bhjan Singh Byambu, Rs 179090 of Chet Bahadur Byambu, Rs 1,16,145 of Human Singh Byambu, Rs 68,332 of Lal Bahadur Byambu. Likewise, several other persons of the village were also in loss due to the incident.