Abortion still a taboo

Pyuthan, October 19

Though it has already been twelve years since the government legalized abortion in the country, a large majority of the rural population is still unaware about it.

Pyuthan District Health Office has launched safe abortion using drugs for the first time in 10 health-posts in the district this year. Owing that a large number of the rural population was ignorant about legal abortion, this service was launched to raise awareness among the stakeholders in the district, as per the DHO Pyuthan.

Nepal Red Cross Society Pyuthan Chairperson Guman Raj Pulami said that the rural people take abortion as indecent act in the rural communities and even today it is a taboo. He said, “Due to the lack of awareness, the women abort the foetus hiding, putting their health at risk.” District Health Office Chief Ram Bahadur KC urged all concerned to visit only the legitimate health facilities to minimize the growing risk during abortion by private and illegal pharmacies and medicals.

Unwanted pregnancy can be averted up to 9 weeks in case of incest and rape cases whereas up to 12 weeks if the woman is not willing to give birth to the foetus, as per the legal provision. Unwanted abortion is a fundamental right of each woman, said DHO chief KC.

Meanwhile, Merry Stops Center Pyuthan Chief Krishna KC said that it was necessary to launch youth centric programmes to raise awareness among them in the district. He also highlighted about the importance of use of family planning measures for the safe abortion in the rural setting.