Accommodation material support to 56 child development centres in Banke

KHAJURA: Various goods and materials have been provided to 56 child development centres under 54 schools at local Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality of Banke district for managing the accommodation of children at the centres.

Banke UNESCO Club provided these materials for the management of child-friendly accommodation at the centres. The support was provided under the 'access to education for flood-affected children programme' in cooperation with Coca Cola Foundation and Save the Children.

The materials provided include carpets to 28 centres, foam-mats to 32 centres and cushions to 56 centres. The material support is worth Rs 916,543.

Similarly, repair and maintenance works have been carried out at more 36 schools as part of the access to quality education for the children from flood-affected families in the locality, club president Parvez Ali Siddiqui said.