Accord for placement of nurses in US

Kathmandu, July 25:

The Norvic Technologies (NT) and HCL International (Health Care Locums) today signed an agreement to facilitate the recruitment of Nepali nurses in the United States.

The United Kingdom-based HCL, which deals with global nursing recruitment in the Unites States, signed a memorandum of understanding to this effect with the NT, the owner of the Norvic International Hospital. HCL has agreed to establish National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) examination centre and to conduct a training programme for Nepali nurses.

According to the MoU, the NT would identify nurses having over two years of critical care experience to work in Acute Health Care facilities in the US and NCLEX examination centre, billed as the first centre in Nepal, would be established jointly. The NCLEX examination is a prerequisite process to get nurses hired in the critical care field. Until now nurses have to go to India to sit for the NCLEX exam.

During the MoU-signing ceremony, HCL managing director Mick Whitley said the World Health Organisation has stated that there are 4.1 million clinical vacancies worldwide, with over 700,000 vacancies in North America alone.

“There is an opportunity for Nepali nurses to work in the US and enhance their skills on par with the nurses of America.”

The initial process includes: identification of the nurses; mini-NCLEX examination; HCL International Clinical interview; HR interview; desire to relocate in USA and initial immigration assessment. After the candidates pass the process, they will receive full training in the NCLEX, said Whitley. “The nurses would receive the same salary the nurses in the US are drawing,” Whitley added.

At a time when majority of Nepali nurses are facing problems to secure jobs in foreign countries, the agreement would make them easier to be hired in the US, Dr Mahabir Krishna Malla, director of the Norvic hospital, said.

He said the examination centre would be set up by next year. Some 25 nurses would be trained for the global recruitment this year and the number would increase yearly, he added.