Accounts of six schools blocked in Lamjung

LAMJUNG: The District Education Office of Lamjung district has blocked bank accounts of six schools in the district.

District Education Officer Gyan Mani Nepal informed that the bank accounts of Ganesh Primary School, Bindabasini Primary School of Pachok and Janata Secondary School of Kudule Mahoriyakot are blocked as the schools did not complete construction of physical infrastructures on the given time.

Meanwhile, Ratna Prakas Primary School in Khasur of Banjhakhet is blocked as it failed to settle arrears on time, informed Nepal.

Likewise, Jan Jagriti Secondary School of Khasur and Siddhi Sadan Lowery Secondary School of Dhuseni of the district are also stopped from using their bank accounts for their failure to audit transactions, informed the official.

Teachers of the booked schools, however, have commented that the decision to block the accounts in the run-up to the festive season is wrong.