Kathmandu, January 1:

Human rights activists today stressed the need to implement the report of the High-Level Investigation Commission formed to probe the suppression of Jana Andolan II “to end lawlessness and the state of impunity” in the country.

Speaking at an interaction titled “Rayamajhi Commission’s Report and Impunity” organised by the Joint Forum for Peace and Human Rights, panel’s member Harihar Birahi said, “Implementation of the report will help check the existing impunity in the society and makes the government answerable to the people.”

He cautioned that autocratic forces might get chance to meddle if the government failed to take action against those found guilty by the commission.

Mandira Sharma said, “The state of impunity will continue as long as the government does not penalise those found guilty by the panel.” “If the government doesn’t commit to end of the state of impunity, Rayamajhi commission’s report will face the fate of Mallik Commission’s report,” said Padma Ratna Tuladhar.