Kathmandu, February 23:

The CIAA is all set to summon and interrogate royal ministers of the King Gyanendra-led cabinet on misuse of state treasury and corruption charges this week.

According to a high-ranking official of the CIAA, it is planning to summon former ministers, Kamal Thapa, Tanaka Dhakal, Shrirish Sumsher Rana, Dan Bahadur Shahi and few others to interrogate them about their role in the misuse the state treasury during the royal regime.

“We will summon them to record their statements. We will do the necessary action against them if they do not cooperate with us,” he added. He also said that the four names are in CIAA’s high priority list and later the CIAA will summon others.

The official also claimed that the CIAA move was based on the Rayamajhi report.