Action sought against Jana Andolan suppressors

Dhading, May 26:

Members of civil society have warned political parties of another mass movement if they tried to protect anyone who played an active role in suppressing the pro-democracy movement.

Pairawi Manch, Dhading, a network of some two dozen non-government organisations actively working for peace, democracy and human rights, warned the parties after the latter did not show any interest in identifying the suppressors of the mass movement even after one month.

They also expressed dissatisfaction over an invitation to Nepal Army Major Narendra Bahadur Chand and nominated DDC member Nanda Prasad Kapri in a programme organised by the political parties. They said Major Chand and Kapri were actively involved in suppressing the movement.

Civil society, human rights activists and intellectuals have protested the invitation to the two persons in a programme organised by political parties, said chairperson of the NGO Federation-Dhading, Keshav Duwadi.

Coordinator of the Pairawi Manch, Bhawanath Adhikari, said the meeting of the Manch urged the parties to take action against the suppressors of the movement, adding that regressive elements would raise their heads if timely action is not taken against them.

Those persons who have been blacklisted by various media have been blaming and making false complaint against journalists and representatives of civil society, said chairperson of Nepal Bar Association (Dhading), Bishworaj Adhikari.

Adhikari said anyone suppressing the democratic should be tried.